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Phil Martinson Engineering provides professional engineering and project management services primarily in the Pacific Northwest, but with clients throughout North America. With over 40 years experience in the construction industry, we have the professional training and field experience necessary for successful engineering design, design-build, project management, project setup and project delivery alternatives.

In addition, we work with alternative energy sources and have developed innovative and creative designs that are focused on new types of energy resources, power enhancement, reduced energy consumption and energy recovery. The nature of all our energy conservation designs are committed to optimal sustainability and minimal or zero environmental impact.

Design-Build Hangar Project photo
Design-Build Hangar at Portland Airport

Storm water infiltration graph
Typical Storm Water Infiltration Graph

Phil Martinson Engineering has the technical background and experience needed to evaluate a client’s needs and objectives. We work with owners, developers, other consultants and construction professionals to identify the best way to effectively, efficiently and economically meet a client's needs. We have extensive experience in all phases of construction and project management work; including design, planning, project setup, field management, scheduling, estimating and project organization to keep projects on track and to ensure successful and timely completion.

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 Phil Martinson's background includes:
    •Degrees in Civil Engineering & Structural Engineering
    •Degree in Chemistry - Biochemistry Option
    •Professional Engineer (PE) in Oregon and Washington
    •Certification in Project Management (PMP)
    •Design-Build Professional (DBIA)
    •Construction Documents Technologist (CDT)
    •Alternative Energy Resources - Development & Design
    •Innovative Teaching, Training, Promotion & Communication

Phil Martinson Engineering also offers training, promotion and coaching for contractors, designers, developers and owners. Custom seminars and workshops are focused, directed and tailored to specific needs. Our goal is to provide quality training - leaving out unnecessary and irrelevant materials. The common denominator is to help you improve the quality of the design, project delivery and construction process while minimizing conflicts and disputes. Dispute-free construction and development projects are not without problems or conflicts - they are projects equipped with effective tools to resolve problems and conflicts.

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