Project Management

Phil Martinson is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and has extensive experience in all phases of project work including scheduling, estimating, organization and training. We also offer dispute resolution services, analysis and facilitation to keep projects on track and ensure successful completion.


Problems and conflicts are present in any relationship and are common in the construction industry.  Dispute free construction/development projects are setup with effective tools to resolve these problems and conflicts.  We provide solution-based tools and training focused on resolving issues rather than "Celebrating" them. We work with Owners, Contractors and Designers to conduct and coordinate partnering sessions that promote a team approach to the design and construction process.


We work with owners (both private & public) to define, clarify and summarize the project goals, project purpose, financial constraints, functional limitations and alternative funding or financial options. We assist owners in determining project needs and the ideal method of meeting those needs - including design team selection options, contractor selection options and funding or finance options. We also assist owners in determining what is needed to obtain the necessary permitting, public support and project approvals - including environmental issues, stakeholder concerns or other constraints.

Technical Training

We provide custom and specialized training for contractors, designers and owners to improve project management skills, administration techniques, increase profitability and provide creative alternatives to avoid or resolve construction problems or disputes. Our three-hour, condensed seminars are prepared specifically for a client's needs and will accommodate 25 to 200 attendees.

Scheduling, Estimating, Organization & Setup

We provide technical support for Contractors, Designers and Owners to help them plan, price, organize and setup construction projects.


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