Engineering Design

Phil Martinson Engineering provides professional engineering design services for transportation, water treatment, sewage treatment, land development, resorts, multi-family sites and alternative energy resources. Specialties include pre-stressed and precast concrete design, piping & culverts, and engineering solutions for stream restoration and fish-friendly stream crossings.

transportation, Water & utility design

We assist owners in determining the design parameters and the options available to meet their transportation, water quality and utility project goals. Designs include simple treatment system or large projects with a select group of specialized consultants and experts to design effective, but economical facilities.

Land Development & Subdivisions

We provide technical support for land development and subdividing property.  Our work includes permitting and entitlement approvals plus all utility, drainage and street design requirements.  We normally work as a team with other consultants and surveyors as required for a particular project.

specialty Concrete designs

Provide technical support and design criteria for Pre-stressed and Precast concrete products plus evaluation of failing pipe system for rehabilitation and repairs. In addition, we provide design assistance for fiber, epoxy and specialty concrete mix designs.


Work with owners, contractors, developers and the appropriate permitting agencies to assist in providing the technical backup and design criteria for repairing damaged streams and building "Fish Friendly" stream crossings. We provide alternative designs for Wastewater & Solid Waste Decomposition, Contaminated Soil Remediation and Water Bio-Remediation. We also develop plans for Toxic Site Chemical Removal and Precious Metals Recovery.


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