Professional Testimony & Support

We work with owners, contractors, attorneys, developers and designers to assist them in resolving conflicts or in providing technical support and testimony on disputes. This work includes opinion reports, technical support, technical presentations, claim analysis, schedule examination and delay/disruption reviews.

Analysis of Project Changes & Delays

We use graphical charts and "Dash Boards" that allow contractors, designers and owners to clearly understand the status, costs and impacts for a project.  These are best communicated through colored project layouts, construction schedules, technical charts, graphs and summaries of key technical issues.

technical presentations

Prepare, develop and setup technical presentations to support clients and attorneys on technical communications. Much of this work involves simplifying technical aspects utilizing aerial project views, color layouts, charts, photos and graphs. We support and assist owners, contractors and sureties in simplifying project claims, counter claims and presenting alternative solutions to a dispute. Our technical support includes preparing models, PowerPoint presentations, photo sequences, site aerial layouts, charts and graphs.

ALTERNATIVE Dispute Resolution

Support owners, attorneys, contractors, designers and sureties in developing alternative options for dispute or claim settlements. Providing technical support for Arbitration, Mediation, Claim Preparation, Pricing of Changes, Professional Testimony, Compilation and Presentation of technical reports and graphs, which are used to analyze, settle and resolve, project conflicts or disputes.

Professional Testimony

We assist attorneys by providing expert and professional testimony on technical matters related to construction, development, building defects, work delays and project disruptions.

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